Seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tap into China now

217 billion USD

Current Sports industry market size

722.5 billion USD

Market size by 2025, according to recent estimates

11.1% Year To Year Growth

Almost twice as fast compared to the general economic growth

Fitness and Health Trend

People are more affluent and taking care of themselves.

Chinese Characteristics

Trends which are unique to China

National Top Priority

China aspires to grow a world-class sports industry

Why Join ?

We bring in the stakeholders of the industry all over the country and offer the keys to your success in China

  • A strong local presence
  • Introduction to capital & market channels
  • Market know-how & expertise
  • Visibility in target market
  • Accelerator program to help company grow
  • Local partners who knows the way around
  • Local networks in target market
  • Operated under the brand IDG Incubator
  • Useful corporate services & support
  • Working space in China


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